Technology-enabled teaching and learning at scale

From fixes to foresight: Jisc and Emerge Education insights for universities and startups.

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The future of higher education is blended. While Covid-19 has thrown in new challenges, it has created many new opportunities, and it has expedited awareness of (and confidence with) digital ways of working for both staff and students.

Teaching in higher education has been shaken to the core over the last 18 months. It is, however, a moment for us all to reflect and imagine what we would like teaching and learning in higher education to look like in the future.

Technology-enabled teaching and learning at scale – a roadmap to 2030 is based on research interviews with 50+ university leaders, edtech founders and higher education sector experts.

It explores the changing nature of teaching and learning, the promise of a blended future, and the systems and organisational infrastructure that will need to be in place to enable flexible, interactive and personalised learning design for the widest possible range of students.

This report offers:

  • A detailed overview of the edtech landscape
  • Key factors to be considered when scaling up technology-enabled teaching and learning
  • Challenges, trends and opportunities for teaching and learning resources, delivery and support
  • Best practice case studies
  • Recommendations for universities and edtech founders

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About this series of reports

This report is part of a series from Jisc and Emerge Education examining the most urgent priorities to be faced by university senior leaders over the next three years. They explore how edtech startups may provide the innovation and agility needed to navigate these rapidly changing times and build a future-resilient higher education sector. 

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