Tech takes: Cyber Essentials at Croydon College

We’re joined by Matthew Cranfield, head of IT at Croydon College, to discuss their journey through Cyber Essentials certification.

Tech takes: The infrastructure podcast for education

Matthew explains Croydon College’s reasoning for acquiring Cyber Essentials certification and explores the challenges faced along the way. Cyber Essentials are vital to ensure security precautions are in place and critical for reputation and compliance. Matthew discusses how the guidance and advice Jisc provided aided Croydon College during the process of achieving certification.

He moves on to reflect on what he and Croydon College have learnt as part of the Cyber Essentials process and what is next for the college.

Show notes

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Episode guest

Headshot of Matthew Cranfield.
Matthew Cranfield
Head of IT, Croydon College

Episode host

Headshot of Stuart McCulloch.
Stuart McCulloch
Security specialist and lead CE assessor

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