Network equipment framework

Our agreements with suppliers save you time and money when purchasing a range of wired and wifi network equipment.

About the network equipment framework

Working with London Universities Purchasing Consortium, we've set up a framework agreement for the supply and support of network equipment.

The scope of the agreement covers the supply and support of a broad range of wired and wifi network equipment including:

  • Devices with firewall capabilities
  • Low-end customer premises equipment
  • Mid-range enterprise and high-end, carrier-class type equipment supporting 100 Gigabit Ethernet and above.

It also covers converged network adapters, interface modules, transceivers, access points, voice over internet protocol products and associated ancillary goods and services including software, cabling and installation.

The framework has been extended until 31 October 2024.

"Using this framework [...] during this very challenging time, enabled us to procure a remote access solution without the delays associated with procurement processes. Within a very short space of time, we were able to [...] support flexible working."

Suraj Uturaju, University of West London

Who is the network equipment framework for?

It is open to higher education institutions, further education and specialist colleges and research council establishments in the UK.

It can also be used by any other organisations connected to the Janet Network, including local authorities, regional broadband consortia, or other bodies whose core purpose is the support or advancement of further or higher education or of research.

List of suppliers

List of available lots

The list below indicates the suppliers who are capable of supplying equipment under each lot (first ranked supplier in italics).

Please refer to the buyer's guide for how the framework operates and how awards may be made.

  • Lot 1 - Arista
    Ampito; IGX Global; Phoenix Datacom Ltd; Roc Technologies Ltd
  • Lot 2
    (Not in use)
  • Lot3 - Cisco
    Logicalis; CDW Ltd; Specialist Computer Centres; Stone Computers Ltd; XMA Ltd
  • Lot 4 - Extreme
    NETConnection Systems Ltd; Ampito Ltd; LAN3; Vizst Technology Ltd
  • Lot 5 - HPE/Aruba
    Specialist Computer Centres; CAE Technology Services; CDW Ltd; Softcat Plc; XMA Ltd
  • Lot 6 - Juniper
    Axians Networks Ltd; IGX Global; IP Performance Ltd; telent Technology Services Ltd; XMA Ltd
  • Lot 7 - Palo Alto
    Khipu Networks; CAE Technology Services; CDW Ltd; European Electronique; Softcat Plc
  • Lot 8 - A10 Networks
    Axians Networks Ltd
  • Lot 8 - Addon
    IGX Global
  • Lot 8 - ADVA
    Axians Networks Ltd
  • Lot 8 - Alcatel-Lucent
    Freedom Communications (UK) Ltd; Khipu Networks
  • Lot 8 - Arris (Ruckus)
    Ampito Ltd; Circle IT Solutions Ltd; IP Performance Ltd; LAN3; Switchshop Ltd
  • Lot 8 - Checkpoint
    CDW Ltd; Softcat Plc
  • Lot 8 - Dell
    Circle IT Solutions Ltd; Dell; LAN3; Roc Technologies Ltd
  • Lot 8 - F5
  • Lot 8 - Flexoptic
    The Networking People (NorthWest) Ltd
  • Lot 8 - Fortinet
    CDW Ltd; European Electronique; Specialist Computer Centres; Switchshop Ltd; The Networking People (NorthWest) Ltd
  • Lot 8 GBICS
    GBICSCom Ltd
  • Lot 8 - Infoblox
    Khipu Networks; Logicalis; Vizst Technology Ltd
  • Lot 8 - Mist Systems
    Axians Networks Ltd
  • Lot 8 - Nokia
    IGX Global
  • Lot 8 - Proofpoint
    Khipu Networks
  • Lot 8 - Pulse
    Vizst Technology Ltd
  • Lot 8 - SmartOptics
    Axians Networks Ltd
  • Lot 8 - WatchGuard
    Redinet Ltd

Support and advice

All post-sale support and maintenance services are fully covered under the agreement including software development.

Read the network equipment framework buyer's guide (pdf) which helps purchasers identify capable suppliers and fully utilise the framework.

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