Learning analytics

Harness the power of your data

Put your data to work

Your university or college already collects a variety of data about students and you can use it to:

  • Transform their learning experience
  • Support their wellbeing
  • Help them to achieve more

Our learning analytics service helps you put your data to work to tackle some of the big strategic challenges – and we will support you every step of the way.

It is the world’s first national learning analytics service developed to address the key strategic goals of HE and FE organisations.

Learning analytics for...

What's included

We provide all the architecture and tools that you'll need.

Learning data hub

Our cloud-based storage solution for your student records and data.

More cost-effective and convenient than in-house solutions and commercially hosted options, it is hosted on secure, resilient servers in the UK and EU using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help you remain General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant.

The learning data hub supports integration with analytics products and services from commercial developers.

Data explorer

A tool that brings together the data from your various sources and provides quick, flexible visualisations of VLE usage, attendance and assessment – for cohorts and individual students.

Use the dashboards to identify at-risk students and uncover how students are engaging with their learning environment. The information will help you to plan effective personal interventions with students and to identify under-performing areas of the curriculum.

Study goal

An app for students, giving them insights into their own academic progress and their engagement data. It encourages them to take control of their own learning by setting their own goals and benchmarking themselves against their peers.

Study goal also offers an efficient and cost-effective way to monitor attendance at lectures.

Learning analytics predictor

A tool that helps teaching and support staff to use predictive data modelling to identify students who might have problems.

It allows you to plan interventions that support students before they get into crisis - whether that’s with the coursework, their health or their personal circumstances. 

Member story

James Hodgkin
Associate director of library technology and information (LTI) and university librarian, University of Gloucestershire

“Learning analytics is about hearts and minds, as well as technology”

Read the full story

Ethics and data security

Our learning analytics service employs a cloud-hosted, resilient system that will enable you to engage with analytics with confidence. 

Read more about ethics and data security


An analytics solution that’s developed by the sector, for the sector.

We’ve worked with more than 20 universities and colleges to develop a practical solution for staff and students.

Our community of practice is sharing experiences so that everyone can make faster, more sure-footed progress.

This is a service that will deliver rapid results and quick return on investment.

Benefits that students will value

A more personalised approach that provides enhanced support for every student.

A learning analytics solution offers deeper insight so that staff can provide individually tailored support and more personalised learning. Learning outcomes improve, student harm is reduced and mental and emotional wellbeing can be better supported.

Students can take control of their own learning using the study goal app to monitor their activity, set themselves goals and benchmark their progress.


Leading improvements in HE and FE

Helping universities and colleges achieve their strategic goals.

We’re proud to be a thought leader and an innovator in the edtech arena and we’re already working on fresh ways to use data to improve student experience and help our members to achieve their strategic goals. Have a look at our latest innovation projects.

“[In the future]…we’ll be taking all that we’re getting from learning analytics and tying it into a much clearer understanding of how best to teach students. Modern techniques are changing – they’re more student-driven and we’ll be able to judge that using learning analytics.”

Dr Christine Couper, University of Greenwich

How we can support you

We also provide support at every stage in your learning analytics journey.

Code of practice

A vital resource to help you plan and implement analytics (and the human interactions that result) with the informed consent and cooperation of the students themselves.

Use it to make sure you’ve got the legal, ethical and logistical issues sorted.


Tailored support for universities and colleges just starting out with learning analytics.

We can help you assess your organisation’s readiness, whether that means helping you to define your objectives, meeting with your stakeholders or reviewing your digital infrastructure and data quality.

Implementation support

Keen to get going? We’ll work with you on selecting and integrating the data sources, cleaning the data, configuring the products and viewing and interpreting the results.

Intervention planning

Data and analytics offer fresh insight but it’s up to your organisation’s staff to put that information to work.

The universities and colleges that helped us shape the service have already identified some effective approaches. Let us share those insights with you – then join our community of practice to work on future refinements.

Learning analytics purchasing

Our procurement framework to help you add on new, quality-assured third party solutions as they emerge in this fast-developing area.

It will help you to buy cost-effectively and with confidence, get the supplier contracts right and stay informed about innovation in the marketplace.

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ISO 27001

This service is included within the scope of our ISO27001 certificate.

Read more about International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) standards and view Jisc certificates.