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Verify degree qualifications and protect your organisation from fraud.

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Hedd offers a simple way for employers, recruitment agencies, embassies and university postgraduate admissions teams to check a candidate’s degree qualifications.

As well as verifying qualifications and grades, you can confirm attendance dates and whether a UK university or college is a recognised degree-awarding body.

Key benefits


Recognised by the Office for Students and backed by Universities UK, Hedd is the official and most trusted degree verification service in the UK. With more than 100 UK universities on board, we have verified over half a million degrees.


Hedd offers a central way to verify degree qualifications with an expert customer services team for support. By removing the need to contact multiple institutions, the process is fast and efficient.

Protected from fraud

By using Hedd you can be confident that candidates have the degree qualifications they claim to have, protecting your organisation from degree fraud.

How we're helping the sector combat degree fraud

Degree fraud is a multimillion-pound industry that includes fake universities, forged degree certificates and essay mills as well as people who lie about their qualifications.

With funding from the Office for Students we collaborate internationally to combat degree fraud, protecting the reputation and integrity of UK higher education. We achieve this through:

  • Collaborating with enforcement bodies such as the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau and Cifas, including overseas, to investigate and force closures (we have identified 300 bogus universities and helped close down 80 unauthorised providers)
  • Making it easier and faster to verify degree qualifications and spot fake degree certificates
  • Raising awareness of degree fraud through content and marketing
  • Offering advice and guidance to higher education institutions, employers, students and graduates

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