Transitional agreements oversight group

Working across publishers to scrutinise the cost, trajectory and efficacy of transitional agreements.

About the group

The group works across publishers to scrutinise the cost, trajectory and efficacy of transitional agreements. It will provide recommendations to the UUK/Jisc content negotiation strategy group on the mechanisms required to support a transition to open access that supports the strategic objectives of the sector in a manner that is achievable and sustainable at the local institutional level.

Members in the group

  • Co-chair - Niamh Tumelty, director of LSE Library and librarian of the British Library of Political and Economic Science, London School of Economics & Political Science (Band 4)
  • Co-chair - Jeremy Upton, director of library and university collections, University of Edinburgh (Band 2)
  • Sandra Bracegirdle, associate director: collection strategies, University of Manchester (Band 1)
  • Yvonne Budden, head of scholarly communications, University of Warwick (Band 3)
  • Stephen Grace, deputy head of library and learning resources: library systems and content discovery, London South Bank University (Band 6)
  • John Dalling, head of collections, University of Wales, Trinity St David (Band 7)
  • Beth Montague-Hellen, head of library and information services, The Francis Crick Institute (Band 6)
  • Josh Sendall, deputy university librarian, University of Leeds (Band 2)
  • Sarah Thompson, head of collections services, University of York (Band 4)
  • Benjamin Veasey, university librarian, University of Derby (Band 6)
  • Steven Vidovic, open research development manager, University of Southampton (Band 3)
  • Hannah Whaley, assistant director, library and learning centre, University of Dundee (Band 5A)
  • Nick Woolley, director of library and campus services, Sheffield Hallam University (Band 4)

Terms of reference


UK universities; reflecting the diversity of size, income, approaches, ambitions, strategies, students, researchers and staff etc contained within those institutions.


  • To evaluate and monitor the trajectory of the conversion of publisher portfolios, business models and underlying financial accounting to Open Access (OA) within transitional agreements (TA)
  • To consider the ideal future state of OA agreements
  • The group will co-ordinate with Jisc’s other negotiation and licensing strategic groups
  • Matters identified by the group relating to the performance of a particular TA, are likely to be taken to the content expert group to discuss the options initially and may then be escalated to the content negotiation strategy group as appropriate

Core aims

  • Evaluate whether TAs are performing as expected and meeting the sector's requirements
  • Improve transparency within TAs
  • Facilitate provision of information from publishers relating to their longer-term vision for transitioning publishing to OA
  • Receive confidential publisher information and provide feedback on their longer-term vision for transitioning publishing to OA
  • Maintain an open dialogue with publishers in respect of their longer-term vision for transitioning their publishing portfolio to OA
  • Identify journal candidates to "flip" to full OA
  • Evaluate publication fees and charges as provided by publishers/Jisc and make recommendations on the charging structure and whether they are commensurate with the publication services delivered
  • Inform development of publisher OA policies
  • Review progress of publisher transitional models at global level
Considering the ideal future state of OA agreements
  • Consider new OA models that meet sector goals and are achievable and sustainable at a local institutional and national level
  • Assist in promotion of transitional OA models to other consortia, societies and partners
  • Promote discussion and collaboration with societies on sustainable OA models


Up to 13 representative members

  • Chair – Senior Library Director (or two co-chairs – both senior library directors)
  • Up to 11 further individuals from UK higher education institutions to represent the diverse range of institutions Jisc negotiates on behalf of

Meetings and administration

  • The group will normally meet three times per year
  • The group and its remit will be reviewed every 12-18 months
  • Confidential papers should not be shared outside of the TAOG
  • Non-confidential papers may be shared with the organisations represented by the members or constituency libraries following each meeting. These papers should not be shared outside of the UK academic library community
  • Members may consult with their organisations or constituency members regarding issues that require approval or endorsement of the TAOG, prior to the meetings