Digital leadership and culture forum

Collaborate with education professionals who are interested in the creative and informed application of digital technology.

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Facilitated by Jisc

Open to anyone working in HE or FE who is interested in transforming the way we deliver education and research

Regular meetings on Microsoft Teams

About the community

Our digital culture and leadership communities have merged to bring two mutually related topics together so that people interested in both can follow and engage with a single community.

Digital leaders aren't just those in traditional leadership positions, but anyone who wants to inspire others within their organisation.

Whether you are just beginning your digital journey or have years of experience, this community will enable you to share your digital leadership and culture stories and learn from peers and industry experts.

Who can join

The forum is for anyone working in a further or higher education organisation with an interest in enabling the transformation of education or research through digital technology.

Don’t forget that anyone can be a digital leader – so this isn’t limited to traditional leadership roles but anyone who is looking to inspire others within their organisation.

How to get involved

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