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Get the latest threat intelligence, share advice and connect with peers to increase your security posture.

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Open to all Jisc members and customers

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About the community

The cyber security community is a trusted group that helps you, as a Jisc member or customer, to increase your security posture by providing helpful peer-to-peer support and the latest updates on recent threats. It’s a relaxed environment where you can join discussions and share experiences about cyber security challenges and best practice. Over 1,000 members currently take advantage of the community’s resources.

Why you should join

The cyber security community was established so that we can defend as one and strengthen the sector’s security posture.

It provides the latest threat intel, personal development through monthly workshops and clinics, and opportunities to chat securely with your peers and ask challenging questions in a completely safe environment. When you join the community, you’ll receive our monthly and quarterly threat bulletins and get direct access to free security tools and the full support of your trusted partner in cyber security.

By working together and employing the latest security practices we can better safeguard our colleagues, students and customers, infrastructure, and reputation.

Open to all

The community is for all Jisc members and customers who are interested in and concerned about cyber security.

How to join

Sign up to the cyber security community to share discussions, advice and experiences with other members and Jisc staff.

Explore training courses

We offer various cyber security training courses to help you make the most of our services and solutions and be better prepared to protect your organisation from cyber threats. These include:

  • Workshops
  • Clinics
  • Monthly and quarterly threat updates