Equity, diversity and inclusion

With external partnerships, employee networks, and a diversity and inclusion steering group holding us to account, we strive hard for an anti-racist, always inclusive culture.

Our journey into equity, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) started with our first strategy in January 2021.

We appointed a specialist ED&I consultant to oversee the delivery of it and we are committed to evolving it as we progress. We engage with expert partners, including the Black Leaders Group (BLG), Emerge UK and INvolve, to support us with our learning insights and education programmes on ED&I and anti-racism. 

We educate colleagues through our leadership programme, employee-led networks, consultation, and curious conversation. 

Our employee network co-chairs support the business with its diversity and inclusion strategy and we work with them to make improvements in all areas of our knowledge and operations. We have an executive sponsor for diversity and inclusion, who chairs the diversity and inclusion steering group and champions topics at executive level.

At Jisc, we strive to be best in practice and are working hard to achieve progressive change. ‘Always inclusive’ is one of our six guiding principles - a principle which actively encourages acceptance of differences within individuals.