Vision for change workshop

Facilitated collaborative workshops to improve your strategic planning.

Vision for change is a workshop for your organisation’s senior managers and leadership teams to work together on innovative approaches to strategic planning.

The workshop brings together people who may not normally work closely together and builds relationships to address key issues by facilitating fresh thinking and opening up new possibilities. It improves mutual understanding and communication, builds consensus and empowers staff to take ownership of the processes of change.

"I had so many messages from participating colleagues immediately after our vision for change workshop, who were really appreciative of the opportunity to have that thinking time so well facilitated by Jisc." 

Assistant principal at a large further education college

Workshop aims

Facilitated by our member support team, through a vision for change workshop you will:

  • Surface ideas, thoughts, feelings and themes that will shape your organisational vision
  • Identify the benefits that improved use of technology should deliver
  • Acknowledge and address any barriers to achieving those benefits
  • Establish your organisational values that will enable the realisation of the vision

The workshop can focus on any aspect of organisation-wide strategic change. This could be any improvement initiative that involves cross-functional coordination, for example, accessibility or the digital student experience. It is designed to help you achieve the buy-in of key staff, so you can deliver change on time and within the resources you have available.

Jisc’s support combines independent, up to date subject knowledge with facilitation expertise and experience.

How does it work?

First, we ask participants to complete a pre-workshop activity where they visualise the organisation as it is now, and how they would like to see it in ten years’ time. Then, in a facilitated workshop, we take you through several stages of discovery, group discussion, consolidation, and agreement of the organisational direction and the required cultural values.

The workshop will help you define and articulate your over-arching aims and guide you through an exploration of the issues and challenges your organisation currently faces. This will help you understand your current position and define areas for improvement.

By bringing staff together to take a shared ownership of the process, you will foster continued engagement with the process of organisational transformation.

Who should attend?

Organisational change requires authority and an understanding of the organisational direction. Senior leaders provide this by championing the initiative, removing barriers and resolving conflicts of interest. Change also requires knowledge that may come from specialist staff with experience in implementing digital improvements and the challenges involved.

As a guide, we have found the most effective workshops have involved between eight and 12 senior participants covering all major functional areas of the organisation:

  • Leadership and management
  • Curriculum delivery and assessment
  • Student care, support and resources
  • HR and staff development
  • Finance and administration
  • Marketing and comms
  • Technical support services and systems

Getting started

Contact your relationship manager and arrange a scoping call with the member support team. Once you've agreed on a date for your vision for change workshop you can encourage participants to submit the preworkshop activity.

Let Jisc take care of all the other workshop arrangements.

Contact your relationship manager