Everyday AI tools

Exploring the use of AI in daily tasks and educational settings. We'll discuss integrating these into teaching strategies to improve efficiency and productivity.

  • Online
  • 5
  • One hour
  • Free

This course will be held on

  • 20 June 2024

    • Online
    • 15:00 – 16:00
  • 27 June 2024

    • Online
    • 15:00 – 16:00

This is the fourth part of a series of five webinars designed to explore AI and how to maximise its benefits, focusing on how to utilise AI tools to perform daily tasks.


This webinar will consider the practical use of AI in daily tasks, focusing on productivity-enhancing tools like Microsoft copilot, Google Docs and ChatGPT. We will look at AI's role in education through applications such as TeacherMatic and Bodyswaps and discuss how these can be integrated into teaching strategies to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and overall productivity.

Who should attend

Anyone from a Jisc member organisation (UK further education colleges, specialist colleges or higher education institutions).

What we cover

Participants will:

  • Look at everyday applications of AI, and explore how AI can enhance work productivity with tools like Google Docs and Microsoft Copilot
  • Explore advanced AI applications in education, including TeacherMatic and Bodyswaps, demonstrating their impact on teaching and learning
  • Integrate how AI can be utilised tools effectively into teaching strategies, reflecting on the demonstrations and shared experiences

What to expect

  • Share experiences and knowledge of AI tools, learning from each other's uses and challenges
  • Question and answer session to discuss every day AI tools

Pricing and eligibility

This webinar is free and open to anyone from a Jisc member organisation (UK further education colleges, specialist colleges or higher education institutions). You will therefore need to register with your institutions email address.

For more information please email or phone 01235 822242.

Session preparation and setup

Upon successful registration before the webinar you'll receive your joining instructions email from Please fully read the instructions to ensure ease of access to the live online room.

  • The webinar will be run in Teams, with live automated captioning and transcription
  • You'll also need a headset, or headphones and a microphone
  • Please sign in using your full name
  • Participants’ microphones will be muted on entry. If you would like to speak, please use the raise hand tool or the chat pane to indicate this
  • We'll be taking questions during the webinar, which you can submit in the chat pane