eduroam live online clinic

Instant answers to technical questions directly from our experts.

  • Online
  • One hour
  • Free

This course will be held on

  • 02 July 2024

    This clinic will be run in Adobe Connect and opens from 13:45.

    • Online
    • 14:00 – 15:00


Are you in the process of implementing eduroam at your UK organisation? Or perhaps you are supporting an eduroam service on your site and need further guidance. 

The live online eduroam clinic gives you the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered, provide feedback on any areas that are problematic, as well as share your eduroam journey with other organisations. 

These clinics run regularly on the first Tuesday of every month. There is no need to book - just click on the link above to join the clinic. 

Questions may include: 

  • How do I use the eduroam test facilities?
  • What's a NAPTR record and why do I want one?
  • I'm sending Operator-Name, why does your website say that I'm not?
  • What are the effects of incorrect shared secrets between NAS and AA servers?
  • When can I have an eduroam monitor probe?


  • Share your experiences with like-minded people at different stages of the implementation process
  • Gain feedback and support on any areas that may have been problematic
  • Instant answers to technical questions directly from the experts
  • One to one slots available within the session, should you require more in-depth assistance

Who should attend

Anyone from a UK-based organisation who is thinking about implementing eduroam, in the process of implementing eduroam or is running a live eduroam service. 

Training outcomes

The clinic is discussion-based and relies on participation. You will get answers to specific technical issues you are experiencing. This clinic focusses on technical support rather than general questions about the eduroam service.

Find service information and general guidance on the eduroam service page. We also provide hands-on eduroam implementation courses.

Joining the clinic

This clinic will be run in Adobe Connect, which you can access using the Adobe Connect app or directly via your browser.

You'll also need a headset or headphones and a microphone.

Launch Adobe Connect​.


Email or phone 01235 822242.