Digital credentials and badges

Jisc's digital credentials offer you the chance to digitally-certify, verify and share your achievements following participation in our training courses.

What is a digital credential or badge?

Digital credentials provide portable and verifiable information about your skills and achievements. You can unlock opportunities by sharing collections of your credentials which represent desired skill sets in a dynamic, evidence-based way. They prove legitimate, authenticated achievements, described within the credential itself. 

Jisc digital credentials makes it easy for you to earn and display your credentials across the web through Open Badges. Please read the Credly FAQ's for further info and this article on How to Manage & Share Your Digital Credentials.

Credentials and criteria

Jisc digital credential badge - Completed


The learner has:

  • Attended a Jisc training course or equivalent, and
  • Fully participated throughout


Jisc digital credential badge - Demonstrated

Has already earned the completed credential AND -

Has completed one of more of the following, for example:

  • Submitted course work
  • Completed assignments
  • Took part in activities
  • Fully engaged in interaction


Jisc digital credential badge - Implemented

Has already earned the completed and demonstrated credentials AND -

Has provided sufficient evidence afterwards within an acceptable amount of time showing that the Jisc training course of equivalent has impacted personal practice, and what impact, if any, it has had on institional practices and/or strategies.

How do I earn and share these?

Using a set framework of interdependent criteria Jisc creates digital credentials for you to earn, enabling you to build up your own unique collection to share.

Once earned, your Jisc digital credential is downloadable from issuing platform, Acclaim.

You can share your credentials in: 

  • Blogs, websites, ePortfolios
  • Professional networks, like Linkedin
  • Job applications
  • Social media sites, like Twitter, Facebook
  • Your email signature

What information does a digital credential include?

Each credential you earn contains data about your skills within a portable image file. This data can be viewed when you display and share your credentials, helping people find out more about you. Things you can verify and explore within a digital credential include:

  • Details about the organisation issuing the credential
  • What the individual has done to earn the credential
  • The criteria that the credential has been assessed against
  • That the credential was issued to the expected recipient
  • The credential earner’s unique evidence (optionally included)
  • When the credential was issued and whether it expires 

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