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We're launching the security operation centre (SOC) proof of concept to stay ahead of threat actors and strengthen your cybersecurity posture.

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Expected outcome:

New service

About the project

The project will help us to defend as one, by ensuring institutions continually monitor and analyse their security posture.

We'll use our knowledge of the sector and industry-leading technology to detect, analyse, investigate and respond to unusual behaviour and cybersecurity threats.

What is a security operations centre (SOC)?

A security operations centre (SOC) is a team of security specialists that work with your organisation to reduce or mitigate cyberattacks by detecting, analysing, and responding to threats in real time.

What are the benefits of a SOC as a managed service?


Our sector experts can offer rapid threat detection and 24/7 response. The service will monitor your security, detecting threats within your institution and helping you defend against incidents and intrusions.

Our SOC uses industry-standard practices and technology to reduce implementation time and provide collaborative security services for your institution. It collects data and event logs from across the entire IT environment, including networks, devices and information systems that are critical to the operation of your organisation.

This project will lead to full monitoring and analysis of the vital activity that helps you maintain a secure education and research network.

Trusted partner

We'll act as your trusted sector partner by hunting for threats and offering analysis that helps prevent cyberattacks and data breaches across the whole sector.

You will have access to an entire team of skilled and technical sector-specific experts that will provide you with enhanced visibility and control over your security systems and help you to stay one step ahead of cyber threats.


Rather than dealing with multiple alerts from various monitoring systems, the security centre will only send you the alerts you need to see.

Our sector-leading team will triage each security alert to determine which threats are genuine and urgent.

Most alerts are non-critical and can often be dealt with by our team without your involvement. We'll only contact you if your input is required.

What will the security centre project achieve?

The project aims to improve your institution's cybersecurity technology while also working to improve your overall security posture.

The project team will manage the daily operational activities connected with your intuition's network and infrastructure security.

In addition to our key focus of detecting, analysing, and responding to threats, members of our security centre team will also contribute their knowledge and expertise to the development and design of your security strategy or security architecture.

Proposed key functions include:

  • Overseeing and monitoring security tools, and updates
  • Proactively monitoring events in the Critical IT infrastructure for suspicious activities
  • Detecting and preventing threats and gathering cyber threat intelligence
  • Investigating, analysing and containing cyber incidents

Further information

Our project partners

Meet the project team

  • Steve Howard

    Head of product – cyber, Jisc
  • Jess Francis

    Head of product and portfolio, Jisc
  • Paul Knee

    Head of protective services, Jisc
  • Simon Cooper

    Security operations manager, Jisc