Infrastructure review

A worker checks a computer server in a data centre.

Ensure your IT systems can support your organisation’s vision – with our wide-ranging infrastructure review.

Increasingly, research and education organisations have ambitious, digital-led plans for the future – whether that means transforming the student experience, or finding cost-effective ways to deliver services to staff and learners.

But to implement a digital vision, you need to make sure your IT infrastructure can support your goals.

Our wide-ranging service helps you assess how effective your current infrastructure is, and compare it with practice in the sector. That way, you can develop the sustainable infrastructure to support your needs.

How our service benefits you

Our service helps you to:

Assess your infrastructure, systems and processes

As a starting point, you need a clear picture of the relative strengths of your existing IT infrastructure, systems and processes, so you can start developing your infrastructure plans.

That’s why we conduct a wide-ranging review of your IT infrastructure – which we present to you in a comprehensive report, covering elements such as:

  • Business continuity, so you have the resilience to provide services when something goes wrong
  • Cyber security, so you can provide a safe and secure digital environment while maintaining your organisation’s reputation
  • Enterprise applications, so you can fulfil business functions cost-effectively, maintaining data integrity
  • Learning analytics, so you can track student progress and respond to students’ needs as required
  • Managing desktops and devices, so you can develop a streamlined approach to device management that balances security with user demands
  • Procurement, so you have systems in place to make sure you’re compliant and you use budget effectively
  • Safeguarding and IT governance, to ensure you have the reporting mechanisms and processes to protect users and keep your environment safe
  • Servers and storage, including cloud storage, so you can balance your need to store data effectively and securely with the budget and physical space you have
  • System monitoring, so you can keep track of usage and performance, and respond to issues
  • Trust and identity services, so people can access the services they need, seamlessly and securely – while you meet legal and regulatory obligations as an organisation
  • Wired and wireless networking, so you have the connectivity you need, when and where you need it, enabling online systems to be as responsive as they can be

Identify next steps

As part of your report, we’ll identify aspects of your infrastructure where improvements may be possible, along with practical points of action you can take as a next step – so your IT infrastructure remains robust in the long term. We can also point you to other Jisc services that may be of benefit.

How the service works

We want to make sure we understand the infrastructure challenges you face as an organisation.

We’ll visit your site to interview both IT staff and other relevant stakeholders – so we can get the best overview of your measurable goals, your resources, and the processes you need to put in place to achieve them.

We’ll then provide a comprehensive report which you can use to assess your position and identify those all-important next steps.

We are also able to offer additional support and services for those who need it – for example, workshops, training, or other specific support tailored to your organisation.

Next steps

To get started, contact your relationship manager.