A new chapter for the monograph?

Recent projects from Jisc and organisations such as Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) signal that UK policy makers, funders and national bodies are beginning to take a far greater interest in the monograph and its implications for the future of scholarship and research. For academic libraries the situation is particularly... >>

Open book
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Ben Showers

How to use 3D content in simulations for teaching and learning

Experiences such as this actively involve us and they can actually support students and enable them to learn. They see the objects, experience emotions and actively participate in what’s going on and are engaged in the experience. One example where I've seen this used effectively is in bringing to life museum collections with interactive exhibits and digital displays. While such... >>

3D printer at Jisc Digital Festival 2014
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3D printer at Jisc Digital Festival 2014
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Karla Youngs

Opening up access to historic audiovisual collections

The current trend for digitising archived material is helping to broaden access to once unknown and un-shareable materials even further, extending their potential as learning aids. a lot of the materials currently held by institutions are often in analogue format In the UK we have a proud tradition of maintaining and supporting libraries and archives, ensuring that the nation’s collective... >>

Karla Youngs

What do you think good cyber security services look like?

For example, April’s Heartbleed vulnerability was arguably one of the biggest security threats the internet has ever seen, affecting some of the world’s most popular websites and tens of millions of users indirectly. The fast response and guidance of organisations’ incident and response teams helped to minimise the potential damage, but Heartbleed’s headline-grabbing nature has thrust cyber security firmly in... >>

John Chapman

ac.uk domain name consultation - the results are in

Thank you to the 225 people who took the time to take part in our consultation into the change of eligibility criteria for an ac.uk domain. Your responses were very helpful in giving a clear sense of overall support for our approach, while also identifying a number of areas where we needed to draft more carefully or think harder. Consultation... >>

Phil Gummett

Shared data centre offers rich benefits for research-led institutions

The theme this year is ‘strength in diversity’ and at Jisc, we’ve got our own big news on the same theme this month with the launch of our new shared data centre for academic and medical research. So I’m pleased to be one of a team giving a break-out presentation about it at the conference on day two. We’ve got... >>

Phil Richards

A winning formula for Welsh education

According to the revised Strategy for Enhancing Learning and Teaching through Technology (pdf) or ELTT, universities and colleges are making better use of digital technology to interact with students effectively outside the lecture theatre. We hear, too, that students in Wales are increasingly satisfied with their academic experience: according to the National Student Survey , students’ satisfaction has either increased... >>

Laura Pachkowski

What do students entering HE expect from digital technologies?

In the digital student project we have been investigating incoming students’ expectations of the digital environment in HE . Institutions will be working to meet or manage expectations as hundreds of thousands of new students arrive in September but it’s no small task to build a picture of students’ hopes and aspirations when there are modules to rewrite and technology... >>

Students with iMacs
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Dave White

Sector unites behind £1m learning technologies programme

In many cases the biggest inhibitor is not a lack of appetite from the workforce; if anything, our experiences at Jisc have shown that teaching staff at all levels are eager to take advantage of new tools and platforms – such as the many possibilities that wearable devices can offer. Rather, the issue is one of resource, with limited time,... >>

College students with tablets
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College students with tablets
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Nigel Ecclesfield

Why aren't we all learning online? Tell us what you think

With continued improvements in home bandwidth, greater public exposure to technology and all kinds of exciting start-ups promising to use the power of the network to help people learn, you might expect that we’d be experiencing a boom in fully online degrees and courses offered by higher education and further education. A small survey we conducted jointly with the Association... >>

Online learning workshop graphic
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Online learning workshop graphic
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Heather Price