How can universities meet the expectations in the EPSRC research data policy?

It is the date by which the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council's (EPSRC’s) policy framework on research data management (RDM), published in 2011, takes formal effect. Understanding the policy framework The EPSRC approach to research data management (RDM) policy is unique, explicitly outlining the responsibilities it expects qualifying institutions to fulfil in support of their own academics. These include... >>

Verena Weigert

How our new security products and services strategy is supporting you

With high profile incidents affecting companies and governments, we know this is also very high on the agenda in universities, and college organisations. With this in mind, last year we undertook a security products and services strategy consultation . we have recently visited a number of you to ensure Jisc’s security products and services meet your requirements As a follow... >>

John Chapman

We’re all in this together – tackling the challenges in UK further education

One of the main messages that I’m hearing from learning providers is that making effective use of technologies to ensure learners are equipped with the digital skills they need today, as well as in five and even 10 years’ time, is a daunting task. Adding to the pressure are the funding cuts being imposed in 2015/16, as well as changes... >>

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Nigel Ecclesfield

Challenges and solutions to embedding a technology strategy

So when it comes to ensuring that their vision is carried out across campus, it is valuable for vice-chancellors and college principals to get an overview of what’s going on so that they can benchmark their performance and identify gaps. Last year, Jisc embarked upon ground-breaking work offering tailored support to vice-chancellors to help them meet their strategic aims with... >>

Lawrie Phipps

Supporting senior IT staff to take on a strategic role

Our view is that an IT background will come to matter less rather than more and that a variety of wider strategic business skills (and some softer ones, too) will come to the fore. You can find out if other people agree with that in the newly published Jisc and EDUCAUSE report, Technology in higher education: defining the strategic leader... >>

Louisa Dale

A new vision for virtual meetings

With everything factored in - the loss of productivity while people travel to and fro, the travel costs, refreshments, incidental expenses and possibly overnight accommodation - it really mounts up. Rethinking videoconferencing Over the years there have been lots of studies trying to identify an average hourly cost per person per meeting, but – in spite of the scary figures... >>

Mark O'Leary

Technology-enhanced learning for efficiencies and enhancement

First published on the Efficiency Exchange blog . ‘Efficiency’ is a term which is still regarded with some suspicion by many people working in learning and teaching within higher education, due to its association with cost-cutting and a perceived trade-off with quality. 'Efficiency' is a term which is still regarded with some suspicion by many people However, looking at the... >>

Sarah Davies

Storing and sharing research data after the ‘Space Race’

At the storage stage, a lot of researchers in the UK have been benefiting from the extra data storage space offered by Dropbox as a part of its ‘Space Race’ promotion. By convincing colleagues and students to sign up it was possible for individuals to gain access to significantly enhanced storage space, all synchronised from local machines in the usual... >>

John  Kaye

Signed up for Networkshop43 yet?

If you’ve never been before, Networkshop is an annual, three-day event designed to give technical people working in the education and research community an opportunity to network and explore developments in advanced network services. This year, it takes place at the University of Exeter from Tuesday, 31 March until Thursday, 2 April. Just by registering you have a chance to... >>

Networkshop 42
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Networkshop 42

A shot in the ARM: Catapults give UK tech a boost

If like me you are a child of the 1970s and 80s, you probably grew up surrounded by the first wave of the tech revolution – personal computers, video games consoles, and all sorts of other home electronics. But then something went horribly wrong, and those promising ideas and the firms behind them largely disappeared. Of course what happened was... >>

CrowdEmotion demo their emotion recognition software at the Digital Catapult
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CrowdEmotion demo their emotion recognition software at the Digital Catapult
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