How we innovate

We innovate in order to develop products and services that meet member needs and help them remain competitive long in to the future.

Our product lifecycle management framework

All our projects are managed through our product lifecycle management framework. The framework has six specific phases which offer our teams a structured workflow.

Understand - Empathising with users, understanding the challenges, and defining the problem

Explore - Ideating, testing and iterating ideas to find the best solution to progress

Develop - Develop the solution to test and validate with members

Beta - Deliver, harden and scale the product and prepare for launch

Active - Deliver, maintain, review and enhance

Sunset - Retire, replace or sell

How we work

Our product lifecycle management framework helps us to decide which ideas should graduate to becoming full Jisc services or products. It also provides a robust framework for enhancing our existing offers. There are some core principles we apply at each stage.

Our innovation is designed to be:


We work with our members, students and people outside the Jisc community, including commercial providers, to deliver benefits for the sector.


We ensure our innovation meets our members' needs from the initial idea to the end solution. Great products come from diverse minds. We believe in empowering communities to share ideas and keep us at the forefront of emerging tech trends.   


We react quickly and get things moving. We 'learn fast' by iterating new ideas and enhancing our existing products and services. 


To define and solve a problem well you must look at it from all angles. We apply design thinking at each stage of the product lifecycle to ensure we're developing a product that works for everyone and answers a specific user need. 


We're responding to the changing nature of education through co-design with our members.

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