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I am a senior co-design manager within the research team at Jisc. This means that I work within the exploratory side of Jisc, as opposed to the service delivery.

Within my team, we generate or identify ideas for tools and services that would be useful and would simplify the jobs of researchers, research support officers, librarians and IT departments that deal specifically with the research data management aspect.

We prioritise these ideas and work with different teams and in collaboration with the sector to develop and deliver these into full blown services. This includes planning the projects and the budgets, developing business cases and sustainability optiones, researching the market to understand the demand and appetite and finally handing over to the appropriate directorate within Jisc that will launch and maintain the service.

Our main focus at the moment is the research at risk co-design challenge. This is an umbrella term we use to identify all the research information and data management projects we are working on and that have been designated by the sector as first priority.

My role covers a range of activities around product and service development. I am currently leading the research data spring initiative and the equipment sharing project. I am also supporting my colleague John Kaye on the research data shared service


Prior to Jisc, I have worked for Bloomberg, EIRIS and The World Bank.

I have a BSc in Biochemistry and a BA in International Economics from Lafayette College in the USA. I completed my MSc in development studies at the LSE and a PhD in innovation management within large corporations at INCE. I am also a proud alumna of United World College of the Adriatic.

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